Mgen Canada serves the medical and dental industry by providing a diverse and complete selection of quality medical supplies, products and equipment. We offer competitive prices for the Canadian marketplace.

Are you a doctor, nurse, other medical specialist, medical clinic or hospital?
At Mgen Canada, you can purchase all the wholesale medical supplies you need to keep your medical practice running smoothly. We go well beyond exam gloves and masks, with a variety of colourful lab coats and protective gowns, drape sheets and sterilization products, gauze and dressing, a large selection of needles and scalpels, surgical instruments and supplies, and even medical equipment such as stethoscopes sphygmomanometers. If you use a consumable medical product on a daily basis, chances are you can find it in the Mgen Canada catalog.

Are you a dentist, dental hygienist, or other dental specialist?
We specialize in helping dental offices find the dental equipment and consumable products they need to keep their dental practice running smoothly. Mgen Canada can provide you with a wide variety of dental impression trays and impression materials, patient bibs and plastic cups, headrest covers and x-ray covers, tray covers and dental needles, mixing tips and dispensing tools, handpieces and other dental instruments. Our goal is to take care of all your disposable dental needs with our extensive Mgen Canada catalog.

Are you a pharmacist or a pharmacy?
Our competitive wholesale prices can help you stock your pharmacy with basic medical supplies like face masks, latex gloves, bandages and gauze rolls. When your customers have an elderly parent or a sick child at home, you can help them find the home health care supplies they need for their family.

Are you a chiropractor or other medical practitioner?
Chiropractors will appreciate our selection of chiropractic headrest rolls and sheets, and a variety of other medical specialists can benefit from essentials like nitrile gloves and table paper. We are always expanding our product line, so if we have missed are essential medical supplies for your particular specialty, just let us know how we can help.

Are you a personal support worker, home health care specialist, daycare clinic or nursing home?Mgen Canada can provide you with all the medical essentials to care for your patients and clients, from wipes and disposable underpads, to patient bibs and medicine cups, to basics like vinyl gloves, medical masks, and protective gowns. Whether you are providing medical care or just keeping your clients clean and well cared-for, we can help you provide them with the best care possible with quality disposable supplies.

Are you a fitness centre, a spa, or an individual?
Mgen Canada sells many products that can help your fitness centre, such as athletic tape, drinking cups, and hot and cold packs. Your spa will benefit from a wide selection of products, from manicure sticks and emery boards, to cold packs and protective eyewear, to razors and beauty treatments. Even if you are an individual, you can still purchase many of our products, such as bandages and flushable wipes, disinfectants and air cleaners, and other basic medical supplies to keep your family healthy and happy.

The web site makes it safe and easy to order the medical supplies and dental products you need. Simply search our website for the medical products and equipment you want, select your payment method, and let the Mgen Canada software do the rest. Order your wholesale medical products, dental supplies and medical equipment today to let Mgen Canada help you keep your clinic well-stocked and running efficiently.

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